Market Assessment

• What is the nature of the Industry/ specific market niche?
• Which sub segments appear more attractive (product/service portfolio analysis)?
• Value addition at each stage of the industry value chain?
• What is the size and growth of the industry?
• Nature of competitive landscape?
• Trends in behavior of key customer segments?
• How attractive is the ‘business environment?
• What are the available entry scenarios?

• Key macro level risks?
• Forecast and stability of economic outlook?
• Stability of the political environment?

Commercial Due Diligence

• We combine our insights from Market Assessment to help you arrive at the appropriate valuation…
• We help you develop a deeper understanding of the business more quickly
• We make the “Deal Memo” a breeze by enhancing your credibility with relevant market information
• We help you cut a better deal by identifying weaknesses
• Manage Risk by identifying structural weaknesses against the risk of post deal failure

Operational Due Diligence

Business Objectives:
- Understand deal objectives
- Review business plan for operational issues and objectives

Critical Success Factors:
- Listing of operational factors which would have a significant impact on achievement of deal objectives

Areas of Focus:
- Management level investigation
- Identification of areas for analysis within the operational framework of the business

Synergy Assessment

We work along side PE Sponsors and Portfolio Company Management Teams to:
- Identify and validate cross selling opportunities
- Carefully evaluate components of SG&A for low hanging fruit
- Utilize our in-depth industry knowledge to estimate working capital, and maintenance as well as growth Capital Expenditures

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